We welcome you as a potential supplier to Harris Corporation. This page contains links to supplier qualification information and forms. Please read all of the applicable information carefully and thoroughly before applying for consideration as a potential supplier.

In order to become a supplier, you are required to complete the Prospective Supplier Profile Form in its entirety and submit it to Harris for review. This form has been designed to answer your preliminary inquiries and determine whether or not there is a possibility of a good business fit between our enterprises. We appreciate your cooperation in following our process, and a Harris representative will contact you after your submission has been reviewed.

Prospective Suppliers

The purpose of this form is to provide Harris with basic information about your business. It does not put your firm on a bidder's list, but will assist in promoting your firm within the company.

The Prospective Supplier Form may be filled out and submitted online, or downloaded and faxed to 321-729-2097, attn: Rhonda Sammon:

Qualified Suppliers

The Harris Government Communications Systems Quality Assurance department supports a wide range of government and commercial programs. Quality Assurance is part of the Supply Chain Operations organization. The department is responsible for the Quality Assurance processes that Harris applies to all of its programs.

Harris Government Communications Systems is certified to both the latest AS9100/ISO 9001 Quality System Standards. Third-party registration by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) has been maintained since October 1994, providing an AS9100/ISO 9001 registered facility that helps to ensure that Harris delivers the highest quality products to its customers. The Quality Management System Certificate has been recognized by many of our customers with Preferred Supplier status and with Supplier of the Year awards. The Department of Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) has also validated the Harris Quality System to AS9100/ISO 9001.

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Standards of Business Conduct  >

Please review the following:

H-1999Q, Harris Procurement Quality Requirements (Q Clauses)PDFMS Word
Standards of Business Conduct Intermediary and Supplier EditionPDFMS Word
Supplier Instructions for Electronic Data Submission; Uploading Documents to the EXPO PortalPDF


H-1542, Supplier CertificationMS Word

ITAR Registration

H-2888, Supplier Export Control RepresentationMS Word
H-2888-1, Exception Request for Non-ITAR Registered SupplierMS Word

Small Business

H-2057, Prospective Supplier ProfileMS Word

General Provisions and Terms and Conditions

H-1221-4, Harris General Provisions—Supplies Fixed Price (Commercial)PDFMS Word
H-1731-3, Harris General Provisions—Services or Construction (Repair or Minor Modification)PDFMS Word
H-2125, Harris International Commercial Terms and Conditions of PurchasePDFMS Word
H-2140, Harris Corporation General Provisions—Fixed Price Construction ContractPDFMS Word
H-1221-6, Harris General Provisions—Fixed Price (for Government Programs)PDFMS Word
H-1221-7, Harris General Provisions—Fixed Price (for Non-DoD Government Programs)PDFMS Word
H-1656-4, Harris General Provisions—Fixed Price Commercial Items for Government Programs)PDFMS Word
H-1656-5, Harris General Provisions—Fixed Price (Commercial Items for Non-DoD Government Programs)PDFMS Word
H-1731, Harris General Provisions--T&M/LH (for Government Programs)PDFMS Word
H-1731-1, Harris General Provisions—T&M/LH (for Non-DoD Government Programs)PDFMS Word
H-1733-1, Harris General Provisions—Cost Reimbursement (for Government Programs)PDFMS Word
H-1733-2, Harris General Provisions—Cost Reimbursement (for Non-DoD Government Programs)PDFMS Word
H-2713, Special Provision—Domestic Specialty MetalsPDFMS Word
H-2713-1, Special Provision—Domestic Specialty Metals (Alternate 1-Deviation)PDFMS Word
H-2713-2, Special Provision—Domestic Specialty Metals (DFARS 252.225-7014 and Alt I prior to Deviation 2007 and 2008)PDFMS Word
H-2713-3, Special Provision—Domestic Specialty Metals (DFARS 252.225-7009)PDFMS Word
H-2977, Harris Combined General Provisions for Government ProgramsPDFMS Word
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
H-2416, Harris General Provisions—Fixed Price (for FAA Programs)PDFMS Word
H-2420, Harris General Provisions—Fixed Price (Commercial Items for FAA Programs)PDFMS Word
H-2421, Harris General Provisions—Cost Reimbursement (for FAA Programs)PDFMS Word
H-2434, Harris General Provisions—Time and Material (for FAA Programs)PDFMS Word
H-2435, Harris General Provisions—Fixed Price Services (for FAA Programs)PDFMS Word

Supplier Routing Instructions

H-2020, Supplier Routing InstructionsPDFMS Word

Certifications and Representations

H-1723, Certifications and Representations for Noncommercial Items for Government Programs
H-1723-2, Certifications and Representations (Foreign Supplier)
H-2361, Certifications and Representations for Commercial Items for Government ProgramsPDFMS Word
H-2417, Harris Certifications and Representations Applicable to FAA ProgramsPDFMS Word

Harris Canada

Harris Canada Systems, Inc.—General ProvisionsPDF 
Harris Canada System Inc.—Human Rights Standard/Supply Partners StandardPDF 
Harris Canada Systems, Inc.—Terms and Conditions of PurchasePDF 
Harris Canada Systems, Inc.—Supplemental Terms for Avionics Test and Repair WorkPDF 

Contractor Safety

EHS003.1a, Contractor's Safety ManualPDF