Harris GCS Multiple Award IDIQ Contracts

The Harris IDIQ Solutions Center manages Harris Government Communications Systems’ unclassified Multiple Award Indefinite Deliverable Indefinite Quantity (MA IDIQ) contracts. For more information regarding these contracts or other Harris IDIQ contracts, please contact us at IDIQSolutions@Harris.com.

Prime MA IDIQ Vehicles


GSA Alliant   

Contract Ceiling: $50 Billion

Period of Performance:

Sponsoring Agency: General Services Administration (GSA)
Eligible Buyers: All Federal Agencies

Alliant consists of a broadly scoped suite of information technology services. The scope includes all components of an integrated IT solution and new technologies that may emerge during the life cycle of the contract. Ancillary support and hardware/software products are allowed as long as they are integral and necessary to the overall IT solution.

Communications, Transmissions Systems (CTS)

Contract Ceiling: $4.1 Billion

Period of Performance:

Sponsoring Agency: Army
Eligible Buyers: PEO EIS/PM, DCATS (includes PM, WESS, PdM DWTS, PdM LMR, and PdM VIS) and others as approved by PM, DCATS, and within contract scope.

Integrated Solutions–Products and Services: The CTS requirements are at a System of Systems level, encompassing a broad range of communications systems and technologies, with corresponding System of Systems management and administrative responsibilities. Contractor-provided supplies and services include system integration, systems engineering and analysis, operations, maintenance, equipment and system installation, material procurement, facility and site preparation, outside plant trenching, software support, program management, logistics, technical field assistance, test and evaluation, modeling and simulation, information operations and assurance support, training, depot support at a vendor and regional levels. The orders shall be performed in conjunction with new and existing Government systems.

Cyber Security and Information Systems Technical area Task Contract (CS TAT)

Contract Ceiling: $5 Billion

Period of Performance:

Sponsoring Agency: Defense Technical Information Center
Eligible Buyers: Department of Defense, Intelligence Community. Also, Federal Civilian Agencies via Memorandum of Understanding

Cyber Security, Information Systems, Modeling and Simulation, Knowledge Management & Information Sharing: Supports Research, Development, Testing and Engineering (RDT&E) and R&D Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) for the application of cyber security, information technology, modeling and simulation and knowledge management use. Supports the design, development, testing and evaluation of DOD, intelligence community and civilian agency systems, military systems and military infrastructure operated by the U.S., allied and friendly nations.

Global Tactical Advanced Communications Systems (GTACS)

Contract Ceiling: $10 Billion

Period of Performance:

Sponsoring Agency: Army
Eligible Buyers: All Federal Agencies

Products and Services: To provide a vehicle for the rapid acquisition of a wide range of tactical command, control and communications systems, hardware, software, engineering services, logistics support services, test and system related support. C3T systems hardware includes, but is not limited to, Baseband, Tactical Communications Platforms, and Mobile Satellite Services equipment. These products and services may be acquired in conjunction with new and existing federal Government system of systems, family of systems, platforms, subsystems and other applications of tactical C3T.

GSA IT Schedule 70   

Contract Ceiling: None

Period of Performance:

Sponsoring Agency:General Services Administration (GSA)
Eligible Buyers: All Federal, State, and Local Agencies

General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services.

Purchase of Equipment, Maintenance, Repair Service and Repair Parts, Software Licenses, Software as a Service, Training Course, Information Technology Professional Services.

GSA One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS)   

Contract Ceiling: None

Period of Performance:

Sponsoring Agency:General Services Administration (GSA)
Eligible Buyers: All Federal Agencies

Flexible and innovative solutions for complex professional services that:Span many areas of expertise and mission spaces; Span multiple professional service disciplines; Allow flexibility for all contract types, including hybrids and cost-reimbursement, at the task order level; and Allow ancillary support components, commonly referred to as Other Direct Costs (ODC), at the task order level.

The core disciplines of the contract include program management services, management consulting services, logistics services, engineering services, scientific services, and financial services.

GSA PES Schedule 871   

Contract Ceiling: None

Period of Performance:

Sponsoring Agency:General Services Administration (GSA)
Eligible Buyers: All Federal Agencies

Professional Engineering Services

Strategic Planning for Technology Programs/Activities, Concept Development and Requirements Analysis, System Design, Engineering and Integration, Test and Evaluation, Integrated Logistics Support, Acquisition and Life Cycle Management.

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