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By leveraging the capabilities of System Wide Information Management (SWIM), Harris provides a number of solutions to get more aviation groups access to more aviation data, all with open sourced technology. Whether you’re using flight and surface data to manage air traffic flow, or seeking to lower your IT costs, the Harris SWIM solution has arrived.

Selected for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen), and aligned with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) global solutions, Harris is ready to take global ATM operations to a new level and manage your aviation data in one secure place.



More than 87,000 flights arrive safely every day

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SWIM–Enabled by the Harris Data Exchange (DEX)

SWIM Enabled by the Harris Data Exchange

Enabling access where the sky is not the limit.

In partnership with the FAA, Harris has established a network-centric deployment for SWIM within the NAS Enterprise Messaging Service (NEMS). Powered by the Harris Data Exchange (DEX) – a SOA-based, packaged messaging solution – NEMS has enabled the FAA to quickly realize the benefits of SWIM-enabled ATM through a one-to-many information distribution framework.

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Learn how this technology can be inserted into an existing enterprise network, to ensure a low-risk transition to a SWIM-enabled NextGen and yield a lower total cost of ownership.

Harris SWIM-Did You Know Informational Video

SWIM-Did You Know?

Harris-Enabling Airlines to Operate Efficiently

DEX: Enabling Airlines to Operate Efficiently

Harris-Solving IT Problems for Aviation

DEX: Solving IT Problems for the US National Airspace System

SWIM Network-Enabled Information Access

SWIM Network Enabled Information Access



DEX is a packaged messaging solution based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA), using commercial off-the-shelf, or open-source technologies. It is a networking tool that can work anywhere, integrating seamlessly with an existing air navigation service provider’s (ANSP's) telecommunications infrastructure. By using DEX, your organization has the ability to easily translate its information into standard formats for big data flexibility, visualization, and agility; and to host it all in one place for immediate IT benefits from removing numerous legacy providers. Harris DEX provides a practical, low-cost path to seamlessly integrate system components, allowing access to your data data faster and more easily. Combine your hardware and software into a flexible SOA to host your data today.

Data Communications


The FAA's NextGen Data Communications program will allow the National Airspace System to handle more traffic, reduce flight delays, route aircraft more efficiently, and enhance safety, all while reducing operational costs for airspace users. In today's NAS, air traffic management depends on voice communications to relay a wide array of critical information between air crews and controllers.



The Long-Range Network Radio (LNR), developed by Harris for SmartSky, is a 4G LTE-based commercial, high-data-rate radio solution designed to specifically meet the demanding communications requirements for air-to-ground broadband connectivity. This innovative radio system connects users to public or private networks through standard protocols that have been optimized for long-range, high-speed mobile platforms. By providing dependable connectivity, pilots can leverage it for in-flight electronic flight bag (EFB) updates. Meanwhile, the LNR takes the executive office to the sky with voice and video conferencing.



Harris has achieved several key milestones in pursuit of global satellite-based aircraft and device tracking. Specializing in both data language and the hardware used to convey the messages, Space-Based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) will provide GPS signals and other data from aircraft globally. 

Harris is providing 81 ADS-B Extended Squitter receivers, tools used to help track aircraft by satellite in the harshest conditions of space, on board the Iridium NEXT satellite constellation. The Receivers will enable precise aircraft tracking, even monitoring flights over oceans or remote regions.

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