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Harris has a long history of developing, integrating, and managing weather and flight service solutions throughout the National Airspace System (NAS) and for the general aviation community in Alaska. Our dedication to flight safety is evident in a proven track record that spans more than two decades in weather systems and over 15 years of flight planning solutions.

With a wide range of capabilities, including dissemination, processing, and display systems, Harris offers a single flight source for all aviation needs. Our products utilize real-time data—coupled with adaptable, robust software and advanced hardware systems—to provide up-to-the-minute information and high-quality graphics for effective decision-making and analysis.

By leveraging current systems and solutions with our own internal research and development efforts, Harris is moving FAA weather and flight systems into a new era with Common Support Services-Weather (CSS-Wx).


A trusted partner to the global aviation community

for more than two decades



The Harris Weather and Radar Processor (WARP) is used to generate radar data for air traffic controller displays and delivers weather data to critical subsystems. Deployed in the U.S., the WARP Maintenance and Sustainment Services (WMSS) II contract provides hardware and software maintenance, a 24/7 user help desk, engineering services, and continued sustainment to align the system with future weather initiatives.



Harris understands general aviation needs and supports pilots by providing weather briefing and flight planning capabilities for pre-flight weather briefings and in-flight updates. We are currently serving the needs of flight service in Alaska. The system processes “Notice to Airmen” (NOTAM) messages and supplies current radar and satellite imagery data. OASIS provides transmission and receipt of messages to support search and rescue operations.  It also offers a modern, integrated weather graphics display with automated flight planning capabilities.



The Harris Weather Data Services (HWDS) provides the widest variety of aviation weather data services available from one reliable source and is a provider of high-resolution GOES-East and GOES-West satellite data.

Exelis is now part of Harris. Discover additional products and services here.

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