We're delivering wideband connectivity and mobility to the battlefield.

Communication and information are critical to mission success in today’s battlefield.  Harris’ backbone network products provide high-capacity connectivity that ensures enhanced situational awareness with increased mobility at every point on your battlefield.  




The Highband Networking Radio (HNR) from Harris is a backbone radio used in fixed and mobile scenarios to provide high-capacity connectivity. With a single flip of a switch, HNR  syncs with all other nodes located within its line of site to create a network. The network of HNRs is self-forming and adaptable as nodes move in and out of range, ensuring that critical mission information is always available.

Seeker SATCOM Terminal

The Harris Seeker is a compact, flyaway SATCOM terminal. Powerful and operating in multiple radio frequency bands, Seeker delivers connectivity to the global information grid from even the most remote operations. Seeker packs into an airline checkable sized case for easy transport. Setup is intuitive; Seeker can be unpacked, assembled, and connected in 10 minutes, putting vast amounts of data quickly into the soldiers' hands for greater situational awareness. Seeker is a very small aperture terminal that is available in several sizes, including 1.3m and .95m, and is operational with a variety of commercial and military frequencies to ensure soldiers are never alone—no matter what type of mission.



The MAQA terminal from Harris provides today’s warfighter with a ruggedized, transportable, quad-band SATCOM terminal that supports connectivity with the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) constellation, legacy DoD satellites, and commercial satellites. Engineered for rapid deployment using minimal resources, and for high performance even under extreme environmental conditions, MAQA supports the timely flow of actionable information, when and where it’s needed most.

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Harris is designing and testing the wireless transmission system architecture for the U.S. Army’s Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T) program. WIN-T is the next generation of military tactical communications systems, featuring an integrated framework of standards and protocols that will optimize offensive military communications. Bringing enhanced mobile bandwidth and networking capability to the battlefield, WIN-T will provide modern networking technology to U.S. Army warfighters. It enables battlefield situational awareness on the move and gives commanders new capabilities to synchronize combat power.

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