High-performance data link technologies.

From providing surgical strike capabilities against high-value, fixed land targetsand ships in port or at sea for the military to facilitating security/surveillance transmissions onboard commerial aircraft, Harris is a leader in the design and development of high-performance data link technologies.

Harris Corporation's core communication technologies in the areas of antennas, modems, RF/IF, waveforms, software, encryption, anti-jam, and packaging are leveraged in our data link solutions for secure in-flight weapon control, global information grid connectivity in a low size, weight, and power (SWaP) tactical terminal, airborne communications, and beyond-line-of-sight communications.

As a premier supplier of network-enabled data link solutions, Harris targets our end user’s toughest communications problems for military and commercial applications. Harris implements a modular data link approach which provides secure, reliable communications for a variety of applications, including weapon data links, airborne communications, and satellite reach back. Users benefit from the use of specialized protocols, ruggedized packaging, data security, phased array antennas and customized form factors.



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The Harris WRTTM provides weapon system evaluators with critical flight, performance information, and command destruct capability for the missile from the time it is launched from F-15 and F-16 aircraft until final impact. The WRTTM replaces the warhead on the AMRAAM Missile during training flights from Tyndall Air Force Base and provides positioning and telemetry data to the ground site. There have been over 700 successful WRTTM firings to date.



MIDS is a Link-16 compatible terminal on fighter aircraft that connects to airborne controllers, surveillance radars, collection assets, and ground-based command and control nodes. MIDS, with its Link 16 capability, will provide a range of important information to the combat aircraft: an integrated air picture that includes the locations, velocities, and heading of friendly and hostile aircraft, general situation awareness data, and amplification of data on air and ground targets. It will also provide the capability to transmit in near-real-time threat and targeting data to U.S. combat aircraft, thereby enabling new concepts of operation for the U.S. of off-board sensor data in attack operations.

Airborne Radios

As the leading global provider of secure radio communications, Harris offers a line of airborne radios built with the same technology you trust on the ground. Interoperability for communications between ground troops and airborne assets has never been more important. For close air support, search and rescue, air-to-air, and air-to-ground communications, Harris enables an unsurpassed level of interoperability and reliability with our family of airborne mission radios. Based on the trusted Falcon family of radios Harris’ airborne networking radios help our customers solve their toughest airborne communications needs.

As standalone airborne networking radio products, integrated communications payloads, or roll-on roll-off solutions, Harris’ airborne networking radios provide an unsurpassed level of interoperability and reliability in a SWaP-friendly package. This is essential in an environment where the ability to provide the same data to all warfighters can be the difference between a mission’s success and failure.

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