It's what you do with data that matters most.

Getting good data is important, but at Harris, we know that the ability to turn that data into useful products is essential—and often the biggest challenge. Whether you need high-quality elevation models, high-resolution imagery, fast-turnaround data deliverables, or analyses that provide actionable information, we have you covered with our unmatched geospatial data and image processing capabilities.

For more than three decades, we have invested heavily in advancing geospatial image processing technology. Today, we are applying our innovative automated processes to produce highly accurate, high-volume, on-demand geoinformation for government and commercial customers.


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Adding a new dimension to geospatial data.

Our specialists integrate multisource LiDAR data and satellite imagery of different resolutions on an elevation surface to provide highly realistic, geospecfic terrain features. We enhance these products with vectors, feature data, and material classifications, and we bring these elements together to produce high-quality 3D models. We apply our expertise in geospatial analytics that detect change, show where vegetation is encroaching on utility corridors, support flood mapping, and provide other vital information for smarter operational and planning decision making.


Harris 3D Urban Model Imagery geospatial

How the world was meant to be seen.

We specialize in processing wide-area data collections from our IntelliEarth™ Geiger-mode LiDAR sensor, delivering noise-filtered point clouds in LAS format (for our customers' own manipulation), Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), and relative intensity models.

Source Imagery vs. Harris Imagery

Standard Processing vs. Harris Processing

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