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Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) Ground Systems Engineering
The DMSP program gathers meteorological data via satellite and transmits that data through earth terminals to the various users. Harris is prime contractor providing sustaining engineering requirements, software support, modifications, technical documentation, and training for the C3 segment. Harris is teamed with OAO and ISI on this program and is also the Integration Contractor for the WindSat Coriolis program, which is Phase 3 of the NPOESS/IPO’s Multi-Mission Ground Station (MMGS) and associated Enterprise Network.

GSEDS Features

  • Consists of visible (V) and infrared (IR) cloud cover and other specialized meteorological, oceanographic, and solar-geophysical information required to support world-wide DoD operations
  • Receives, interprets, and disseminates weather images from satellite systems
  • Provides weather intelligence data to the Air Operations and Wing Operation Centers
  • Command, Control and Communication sites for commanding, multiplexing, encryption, demultiplexing, real-time telemetry and processing satellite Health and Status data

DMSP operates day/night and dusk/dawn satellites. Daytime images are taken with sunlight striking perpendicular to the storm while dusk/dawn images have sunlight glancing across the top of the storm. The OLS is capable of images showing views in the OLS visible near-infrared band and the OLS thermal-infrared band. The spatial resolution of the imagery used is 2.7 km. The thermal infrared images show the temperatures of the cloud tops, ocean surfaces and land surfaces. In addition, the visible-near infrared images show reflected sunlight during the day and reflected moonlight and man-made lights during the evening.

Harris is an acknowledged expert in DMSP ground system support which has led additional DMSP related programs - 5D3, MPSOC, Heritage, IPACS, NPAS, DIPS, Depot Support and SOCC Relocation.

WARP (Web-based Access & Retrieval Portal)
The WARP system demonstrates technologies that meet the mission of NGA to provide imagery and imagery-derived products.



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