System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

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Realizing the Benefits of a Network Centric Message-Enabled Architecture via a COTS Enterprise Service Bus

Harris is demonstrating the ability to support the FAA’s System Wide Information Management (SWIM) program. Harris is working in partnership with the FAA, and has established a network-centric deployment for SWIM. The Data Exchange, commonly known as the DEX, provides Net-Centric Core Services, as enterprise services.  Harris has demonstrated, evaluated, and deployed Net-Centric core services within the National Airspace System for several projects including the sharing of the airport surface information (ASDE-X) with external stakeholders.  External users, including airlines and government agencies, have visibility to this information through the FAA’s Enterprise Security Gateway (ESG). All information passing thorough the DEX and the ESG is monitored 24/7 by the FTI Network Operations Center. 

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Harris has demonstrated the following capabilities with DEX:

  • Increased data availability without increasing network size or cost
  • Data exchange model using “Provide once to cloud, consume many from cloud” approach
  • Enterprise Governance ensures the right the information reaches the right user at the right location.
  • Holistic approach to information exchange using a NAS enterprise-tier messaging bus
  • Leveraged FTI’s network including reuse of already established FTI people, processes, security, service desk, and back office provisioning
  • Rapid on-ramping of data providers and consumers using a standards-based Jumpstart Kit
  • Featured services including flight information, weather, aeronautical information, and surveillance.
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