Weather and Flight Services

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Harris weather systems, which service the operational NAS. have a proven track record and have evolved with requirements as they arise from the user community. Starting with our Meteorologist weather processor (MWP) and leading to our solutions of today with Weather and Radar Processor (WARP) and the WARP Maintenance and sustainment Services (WMSS).

OASIS (Operational and Supportability Implementation System) and the OASIS Bridge serve the General Aviation community in Alaska by providing weather briefing and flight planning services. The system integrates real-time weather and flight planning data through a PC-based system that overlays flight routes onto up-to-the-minute weather graphics and process and displays alphanumeric weather and flight data.

With a proven track record of over 25 years in weather systems, and over 15 years for flight planning solutions, Harris is dedicated to leveraging their current systems and solutions along with their own internal research and development dollars to move the FAA weather and flight systems into the next era of services in aviation with Common Support Services—Weather, NextGen Weather Processor (NWP), and the next generation of flight services.

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