Airborne Radios

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Multi-Mission Airborne Networking Radio Solutions

Interoperability for communications between ground troops and airborne assets has never been more important.  From close air support, to search and rescue, to air-to-air, and air-to-ground communications, Harris enables assured communications with our family of radios.  Based on the trusted Falcon family of radios (AN/PRC-152, AN/PRC-152A, AN/PRC-117G), Harris’ airborne networking radios help our customers solve their toughest airborne communications needs.

Harris Corporation's core communication technologies in the areas of antennas, modems, RF/IF, waveforms, software, encryption, anti-jam, and packaging are leveraged in our airborne networking radio solutions for close air support, GIG connectivity in a low-SWAP tactical terminal, airborne communications, and beyond-line-of-sight communications.

As standalone airborne networking radio products, integrated communications payloads, or roll-on roll-off solutions, Harris’ airborne networking radios provide an unsurpassed level of interoperability and reliability in a SWAP-friendly package.  This is essential in an environment where the ability to provide the same data to all warfighters can be the difference between a mission’s success and failure.

Our complete line of Airborne Solutions can be found here; our international, non-Type 1 offerings can be found here.

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