Modular Aperture Quad-band Antenna (MAQA) Terminal
3.8m Flyaway Variant

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Providing High Capacity Bandwidth to the Warfighter

The MAQA Terminal provides today’s warfighter with a ruggedized, highly mobile, quad-band SATCOM terminal that supports operations with the Wideband Global Satcom (WGS) constellation, legacy DoD satellites, and commercial satellites. Evolved from the field proven 4.9m LAMDA AS-4429D/TSC, and the 2.5m LMST AN/USC-65 products, the new 3.8m MAQA Terminal is the next generation product designed to operate and support the warfighter’s tactical environment. Combined with best-in-class RF electronics, the MAQA Terminal provides superior transportability, simultaneous X/Ka-band capability, and setup time of less than 1 hour without tools.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and rugged, transportable on three-fourths of a 463L pallet or ISU-90 container, or two half 463L pallets Air transport on C-17/C-130 or V22 Osprey

  • C, Ku, and simultaneous X/Ka-band frequencies supported

  • Superior wind stability and satellite tracking performance

  • Higher gain saves significant satellite cost over smaller 2.5m systems

  • User friendly: rapid two-man setup; on the air in less than 1 hour, with no tools needed for assembly, leveling, or feed swap

  • High throughput and data rate for large 50+ user hub node applications, while allowing for small distant end VSATs

  • Ruggedized outdoor RF components

  • L-band terminal interface supports a variety of commercial and military modems

System Description

MAQA’s 3.8m carbon fiber antenna assembly is straightforward with label icons on individual components and transport cases.

Band changes can be accomplished with a simple swap of the feed via quick disconnects in less than 5 minutes.

The MAQA Terminal weighs less than 2700 pounds and is capable of operating in wind speeds up to 60 mph. All equipment transport cases meet the two-man lift requirements (< 174 lbs.) and will fit through a 32-inch doorway. Satellite acquisition is enhanced by a motorized ±90 degree azimuth turntable range and 5–90 degree elevation range.

The strong, yet lightweight, antenna structure supports mounting for two BUC/HPAs. MAQA Terminal’s rugged outdoor RF equipment utilizes certified electronics already in use and currently in military inventory systems to minimize user’s procurement and life-cycle support costs. The RF equipment is also reusable on Harris’ other SATCOM family of products.

MAQA Terminal interface is via a provided rugged outdoor laptop for use with the Antenna Controller Unit, and the modem to baseband equipment interface.

The MAQA Terminals are currently in production and ready to accept orders.

For more information, please contact:
Mr. Scott Potter,, 321-729-7863

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