Modular Advanced Quad-band Antenna (MAQA) 3.8m Trailer Version

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Providing High Capacity Bandwidth to the Warfighter!

Harris Corporation's Modular Advanced Quad-band Antenna (MAQA) provides today’s warfighter with a ruggedized, highly mobile, high-gain antenna that supports operations with the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) constellation, legacy DoD satellites, and commercial satellites. Evolved from the field proven Lightweight High-Gain X-Band Antenna (LHGXA) and Large Aperture Multiband Deployable Antenna (LAMDA) products, MAQA is the next generation antenna system designed to operate and support the warfighter’s tactical environment. With a payload capacity of 1000 lbs, simultaneous X/Ka-band capability, setup time of less than 15 minutes, and no required tools, the MAQA trailer system is the right solution for the warfighter on the go.

Key Features

  • Flexible, multiband solution (C-, Ku-, and X/Ka-band, and upgradeable to Q-band) in a lightweight HMMWV towable package

  • High gain with superior wind stability and satellite tracking performance

  • User friendly: quick two-man setup in <15 minutes, with no tools needed for assembly, leveling, or feed swap

  • Rugged, designed to withstand the demanding tactical environment

  • Simultaneous X/Ka feed facilitates rapid WGS satellite acquisition

  • Legacy junction box compatible with GMT, LMST, QBDH, and Phoenix terminals

  • Optional L-band terminal interface is available in a separate transit case

System Description

MAQA combines a state-of-the-art dual X/Ka-band feed and 3.8-meter carbon fiber reflector with an updated version of the fielded LHGXA (AS-4429D/TSC) trailer. C-band and Ku-band feeds are also supplied in the Quad-band configuration. MAQA meets the stringent compliance requirements for Intelsat, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and ARSTRAT certifications. MAQA’s trailer system incorporates a highly efficient, multiband, 3.8-meter center-fed reflector mounted on an HMMWV towable trailer. The 3.8-meter MAQA aperture offers users excellent balance of improved RF performance compared with smaller 2.5-meter solutions, and superior weight, mobility, and setup time compared with larger 4.9-meter systems. The three-piece, lightweight, carbon fiber reflector is hinged allowing the outer panels to quickly fold into the center section for transport. The feed and HPA both stay mounted and connected during transport, reducing both setup and tear-down time.

MAQA’s easy-to-use design offers advantages over previous generations of tactical antennas. MAQA’s new trailer and the sturdy, easy-to-use, quick-drop jacks allow operation in wind speeds up to 60 mph. Satellite acquisition is enhanced by a motorized ±15 degree cross- elevation and 0 to 90 degree elevation range. MAQA’s simultaneous X/Ka-band feed facilitates rapid WGS satellite acquisition and allows for active rain fade mitigation using frequency diversity. Transport aircraft roll-on/roll-off capability enhances rapid deployment for worldwide operations; including an innovative trailer folding tongue design that shortens the length to less than 176 inches for transport on two 463L pallets. MAQA’s junction box is compatible with Ground Multiband Terminal (GMT), Lightweight Multiband Satellite Terminal (LMST), and Phoenix terminals, as well as several other multiband terminals. It can also support the Joint Network Node (JNN) and Support Wide Area Network (SWAN) terminals. MAQA’s optimal reuse of reliable legacy components from the LAMDA, LHGXA, and LMST antenna systems results in maximum procurement and maintenance cost benefits.

The trailer/antenna and X/Ka feed weigh less than 3,200 lbs, allowing 1,000 lbs of user-defined equipment to be mounted on the trailer and still meet the 4,200-lb HMMWV tow limit. The strong, yet lightweight, MAQA structure supports mounting for up to 2 HPAs (C/X/Ku tri-band and Ka-band) and a multiband transmit filter plate. User defined equipment options include generator, Power Distribution Unit (PDU), spare feeds, Antenna Control Unit (ACU), or a complete terminal packaged in 14U electronics transit cases.

Terminal ready options include a 400-W tri-band High Power Amplifier (HPA) and a 50-W Ka-band HPA with integral Block Up Converter (BUC). MAQA antenna systems include a waveguide dehydrator, an ACU junction box, cabling, and other ancillary equipment necessary to support mission critical tactical deployments.

For more information on MAQA, please contact:
Mr. Scott Potter,, 321-729-7863.