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Assured Communications® Solutions for the Middle East

 Harris Atlas Systems, LLC, is at the forefront of delivering advanced capabilities for assured communications® products, systems, and services. Harris Atlas Systems offers, in the Middle East, highly reliable solutions for situational awareness, command and control, emergency management, and other mission-critical situations for government civil agencies, ministries of defence, energy, healthcare, media, and other commercial customers.

Harris Atlas Systems is a trusted partner to our customers, providing solutions that the user can be assured will work when most needed. We accomplish this trusted relationship by using mature methods for improving operations through technology infrastructure. Not only do we bring our own world-leading technology, but we also have an outstanding reputation for being able to field and support systems which incorporate other vendors' leading edge products into a total integrated solution—which meets or exceeds our customer objectives within their constraints.

As a premier international provider of information and communications systems, Harris Atlas Systems offers a:

  • Comprehensive base of products, systems, and services

  • Substantial R&D staff and budget to continue to lead the industry

  • Worldwide presence in core markets

  • Regional and customer-specific tailoring

  • Quick response from our local operations

For more information regarding Harris Atlas Systems products and capabilities, please contact us.

Address: Harris Atlas Systems, LLC
PO Box 63309
A24-25 Marina Mall Villas
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


+971 2 6167000 
+971 2 6390184

Contacts: Deke Johnson, Deke.Johnson@harris.com, +971 50 1094922
Wes Covell, Wesley.Covell@harris.com, +971 26 167100
Rashid Ahmed Al Mutawaa, Rashid.Almutawaa@harris.com, +971 12 6997500


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